Iron Removal Plant Chennai

Water Sparks is one of the iron removal plant manufacturers in Chennai. Our Highly efficient iron removal plant in Chennai reduces iron to give crystal clear water. Water Sparks Iron Removal Plant Chennai is available with both manual and automatic systems. Our Iron removal plant uses High-quality filter media and is made in super-quality FRP vessels.

Iron in water can leave behind stain marks on taps, faucets, tiles, sinks, home appliances, and utensils. Eventually, iron water damages your entire home.

Use Water Sparks’ high-efficiency iron removal plant to completely reduce iron in water and provide clean iron-free water throughout your home. Our Iron removal plant Chennai technology leaves you with cleaner dishes, fixtures, tubs and sinks, and better-tasting water.

Our iron removal plant in Chennai is used for homes, apartments, flats, individual bungalows, industries, and many places.


Iron Water Filters

Our Iron Water Filters( Yellow Water Filter ) uses an air compressor that oxidizes dissolved iron and hydrogen sulfide to naturally clean your water.

Quality Control

Our Iron removal plant are manufactured under the highest industry standards, with third-party validation by WQA and UL, assuring that you have a top-notch water filtration system


A remote display gives you the option to control and monitor the Iron water filters.

Benefits of Iron Removal Plant Chennai

Our High-Efficiency Iron Removal Plant Chennai brings you:

Why do you need an iron removal filtration plant for home

Does your water is yellowish, fine muddy, or brownish:

1. The presence of iron in the water is probably the most common water problem faced by consumers and water treatment professionals. The maximum contaminant levels (MCL) for iron and manganese (metallic element) are 0.3 milligrams / per litre (mg/l) and 0.05 mg/l, respectively. Iron and manganese (a metallic element) in excess of the suggested maximum contaminant levels (MCL) sometimes end up in discolored water, laundry, and plumbing fixtures.

2. A small quantity of iron is typically found in water because of the massive amount of iron present in the soil and corrosive water can obtain iron from pipes. Clothing washed in water containing excessive iron could become stained a chromatic brownish colour. The taste of beverages, like tea and coffee, may also be affected by iron. Manganese produces a brownish colour in laundered clothing, leaves black particles on fixtures and as with iron, affects the taste of beverages, including coffee and tea.

3. Well, water from the faucet or tap is usually clear and colourless. However, once water containing colourless, dissolved usage iron is allowed to stand in a cooking usage container or comes in contact path with a sink or bathtub, the iron combines with the oxygen with the air to form reddish and brown particles (commonly referred to as rust). Manganese forms brownish-black particles. These impurities can give a metallic type of taste to water or to food.

Water sparks advanced iron removal plant systems and iron removal filters remove iron and manganese and perform highly proficiently to eliminate dust, suspended matters, turbidity, free chlorine, and other waste matter from the water. We manufacture iron removal plants and iron removal filters for both Automatic and manual systems and also provide the best price of iron water filtration systems.

Water sparks have expertise in iron removal plant and iron removal filters manufacturer in Chennai as there is more iron water problem in many parts of Chennai like Mylapore, mandaveli, vadapalani, nolumbur, mogappair, virugambakkam, porur, mugalivakkam, Adyar, annanagar, etc.

This type of iron is often called “clear water iron” since it is not visible in poured water. It is found in water that contains no oxygen element, like water from deep wells or groundwater. Carbon dioxide reacts with iron within the ground to to make water-soluble ferrous bi-carbonate, which, within the water, produces ferrous iron (Fe++). We provide solutions for all types of yellow or iron water treatment in Chennai.

Ferric iron is also called as “red water iron”. This type of iron is essentially as ferrous iron that has been exposed to oxygen element (oxidized), typically from the air. As carbon dioxide gas leave the water, oxygen element combines with the iron to form ferric iron (Fe+++). These changed oxidized particles are typically visible in poured water. Pin to pistol knowledge in iron removal plants.

Slime depositing in rest room or fouling water filters and softeners may be a smart indication of the presence of bacterial iron. Better represented as iron biofouling, the iron bacteria problem is both complex and widespread. It attacks wells and water systems all over the world in al together of aquifer environments, both are contaminated and pristine. In some places, it causes great damage to others, it is been considered a minor nuisance. Experts in bathroom water filter system, whole house filtration system and also Borewell water filter system.

There are variety of ways to remove ferrous iron, each with its own strengths and their limitations. These methods are used in two categories: Ion exchange and Oxidation / filtration.

In theory, the elimination of ferric iron is straight forward – use a properly sized media filter to filter it from the water. It Observe, how, there may be other issues: Some iron may also be presented in colloidal form. Unlike ferric iron, which will be generally stick together to form large flakes, and the tiny particles of colloidal iron do the opposite things. There are large surface area and charge relative to their mass usage of causes the individual particles to repel as one another. As the result they will not coagulate. Their be small size, then, makes them difficult to filter, and a coagulating agent is often required to obtain adequate filtration usage. Most water containing ferric iron also contains ferrous of iron. This can be added complexity to the process, since some of the methods for removing ferrous iron will also remove the ferric iron.

Iron bacteria can be controlled by periodic well chlorination or it can be treated in the building. The treatment involves the following: Chlorination, retention, filtration. Activated carbon is typically used because the filter material so the excess chlorine can even be removed. We have complete filtration equipments for contaminated water, remove all diseases caused by water with special UV filtration systems.

Especially in South India many parts Iron Water Problem is very high and the Iron Level Content is also very high. A normal Water should have an iron with Less than 0.3 ppm/mg, But in many places around Chennai, the iron in water is Beyond 3ppm and goes up to 8ppm where the water is Yellow, brown in color for which we have expert Solutions For All.

Iron Removal Plant Chennai

Frequently asked questions

In general water could contains several contaminants that allow the water not useful for drinking. Among those iron is one that should be removed from water. WaterSparks is that one who provides the best effective services on water treatment, So I would like to suggest them for the most effective quality services.


No, the RO filter cannot take away excess iron from water. For removing the excess iron from the water there are iron removal filtration media that has to be treated with chlorine gas at regular interval for backwashing the media.


Salt within the brines (sodium and potassium chloride(metallic elements), sulphates and carbonates, for example) can hurt any plants you water. Once accustomed clean floors can leave a powdery residue once the water that has to be evaporated.

Installing an Iron Water Filter System in your home will help to remove excessive rust and staining in your home.