Muddy Water Filter

Water Sparks Muddy Water Buster ( muddy water filter ) is specially designed for the water problems who facing high turbidity in the water. It removes muddy color and fine sands from the borewell. This muddy water buster treats all types of brown, and yellowish water. Either if it is iron after aerating the iron from the water this muddy water buster will treat water’s turbidity. Except it won’t work for Hardness and TDS.

High turbidity Muddy Water Treatment

Getting tired of searching for the filters to treat muddy water which is high in turbidity!!!. Here you find WATER SPARKS Muddy Water Buster which purifies high turbid muddy water and gives crystal clear water( Also available in different capacities )Muddy water filter suitable for a full house or full apartment. – Capacity – 1000 (Lph) Liter Per Hour /2000 lph / 3500lph/ 6000lph Can be fixed Immediately after 1/2 HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP & 2 HP sump motor pump or borewell motor. Also can be fixed in the main inlet line for the flat or bathroom.

😯 Do you continuously fall into the problems that are created as a result of muddy water?

😯Is water with high turbidity your major problem?

😯Is dark and murkish water your greatest enemy?

There is a new invention of Water sparks that is on your way now to handle all such problems. It is nothing but Watersparks’ ‘Muddy Water Buster’. Watersparks’ Muddy Water Buster has a technology called ultra filtration technology to make water purification possible in a great way. Yeah… especially, inside the muddy water buster, there are noodle-like fibers and there has a flush valve in the housing of the membrane to flush out the impurified water. lifetime for PVDF membrane inside Water sparks muddy water buster 2 to 7 years. The filtration range of muddy water buster is 0.01 micron.

Benefits of Muddy Water Filter

  • Controls hair fall.
  • Protects your skin.
  • Clean water for general use.
  • Provides ultra-purified healthy water.

No more chaos.. the simplest solution is 1. Sending water with high turbidity to a muddy water buster. 2. It finishes the process and then gives you ultra-purified water

Various Capacity muddy water filter

  • 1000 LPH Muddy water filter
  • 2000 LPH Muddy water filter
  • 3500 LPH Muddy water filter
  • 6000 LPH Muddy water filter
water sparks muddy water buster
  • All New Invention of 2019 – Housing Made of Complete Stainless Steel 304 and the PVDF Membrane is Made of Virgin Quality PVDF Fibres to long really last.
  • Its External Pressure PVDF Ultra-filtration Membrane with Internal Pressure – Which is Out in Technology so its easily washable.
  • For High Turbidity water this is the only technology available which give crystal clear water.
  • Can be connected in the inlet line of the apartment so the entire apartment can get a clean water for bathing , washing etc.
  • No cartridge change required so it’s ONE TIME INVESTMENT FOR YOUR LIFE TIME for a healthy standard of living.