100 LPH RO Plant

Water Sparks® 100 LPH RO Plant is the best solution for hard water problems – Hair fall, skin dryness, hard water scale on taps, glass, appliances, clogging pipelines, and shower heads. 100 LPH RO Plant designed an RO membrane filter that can efficiently remove hardness and get a clean RO water System. It is perfect and suitable for the whole house because it generates 100 liters per hour of soft RO water.

Water Sparks 100 LPH RO Plant is a new type of ro plant. This ro plant is so convenient, simple, and reasonable. Designed in Easy filter replacement without water leakage, with powerful filtering ability, integrated waterboard, and High water flow, deliver clean, soft, and pure water.

ro plant for soft water solution

100 LPH RO Plant is the best for Whole House

In case you have a problem of hard water in your whole house, It will create white-scale scum on bathrooms, taps, pipelines, appliances, and kitchen surfaces.  Ultimately, hard water spoils your whole house.  Use water sparks 100 LPH RO Plant, which Protects your whole house from bad hard water issues. Our water sparks 100 LPH RO Plant is the ultimate choice for hard water problems. It serves clean, pure soft water into the whole house.

High-Quality RO Water System​

High-quality RO water to meet various water needs in your life.

Difficulties in installing Old type RO water purifiers

  • Traditional waterboard is easy to leak.
  • Hard to install due to the many pipe connections.
  • High maintenance cost.
  • Occupy more storage space. 

Simplicity of New type of 100 LPH RO Plant

  • The new integrated waterboard – No water leakage.
  • Reduce many pipe connections.
  • High-pressure – Powerful filtering ability
  • Does not occupy storage space.

Why Choose Water Sparks 100 LPH RO Plant

Leaking is a huge problem in old-type RO water purifier filters because it is designed with many pipelines and wire connections.  Old-type RO water purifiers can occupy more space in your house. High maintenance cost in Old RO purifier. But Water Sparks® 100 LPH RO plants is a new design of  RO water purifier that can reduce pipeline connections, and eliminate the risk of water leakage. At the same time, it’s very easy to replace the filter at home by yourself. And also It is a High-pressure capacity system.


Advantage Of 100 LPH RO Plant

Waterboard designed in strong pressure resistance, no water leakage, greatly improved stability. Take advantage of product space, reduce pipe connection, eliminate the risk of water leakage, high-pressure capacity.


upside down filter

RO + HPCC filters are designed to be injected into the integrated waterboard. It is a water stop function, when the filter element is replaced, there will be no water overflow. This filter is matched with our designed waterboard, which can replace the filter as usual when the machine is powered on.


100 lph ro plant quick filter replacement

It’s very easy to replace the filter at home by ourselves. You can change the filter in 5 seconds. When replacing the filter, the filter can be changed directly without lifting the machine. No water leakage when changing the filter.

Step 1: Twist down the filter counterclockwise

Step 2: Take out the filter in the machine.



  • 2 filter elements are designed in 4 layers of filtration process, so that filtration can effectively reject impurities water.

HPPC 3 IN 1 Composite Upgrade Filter

  • PP Cotton Filter
    it can reject solid impurities, such as Suspended solids slits, insects, and rust.
  •  Pre – Active Carbon Filter

Effectively remove different colors and odors, the remaining chlorine, pesticide residues, and other organic matter.

  •  Post-Active Carbon Filter Improving the quality of water tastes, making the water softer and sweeter.

RO membrane Filter
RO membrane filter rejects the bacteria and heavy metals in the water effectively. RO filtration degree can reach 0.001- 0.0001 microns.


ro plant for double outlet design

Water Sparks® 100 LPH plant design in double outlet design to get clean water and pure water line. Direct drinking – makes drinking water easier. Use pure water for drinking and kitchen use and clean water for washing and other usages.   

Clean Water 3 Layers of filtration by HPCC

Pure Water 4 Layers of filtration by HPCC + RO 


100 lph ro plant SLIM BODY DESIGN

100 LPH RO Plant is a no-water tank design and does not need any pressure tank.  It does not occupy the storage space under the kitchen area. Slim body type – it just looks like the CPU of your computer.

Water Sparks® 100 LPH RO Plant
water sparks 100 lph ro plant