Water Sparks Whole house Water softener plant

Are you having hard water problems? Are you getting hard water stains on your utensils, faucets, and washbasin? Are you having hair fall problems? Then hurry up and install our water softener plant! Water sparks present you a water softener plant in a compact size and reasonable price in Chennai!

What is hard water?

Water is hard water when it contains high amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium.
When water is hard water, scales are built up inside water pipes and water flow is reduced. Scales also get deposited on tiles and stains them.

hard water on tap surface area

Water sparks is the best water treatment company in Chennai. Water sparks Chennai provides home water treatment, iron water treatment plants, hard water treatment plant, pharmaceutical water treatment plant and all other domestic and commercial treatment plant. We have 20+ years of experience in providing water treatment services in Chennai. Our products are easy to use and are compact in size.

Our whole house water softener plant will provide you-

How does Whole House Water Softener Work?

Water sparks provide the best water softener to treat your hard water when hardness is within the limit of 600ppm. Above 600 ppm water softener doesn’t work. 

water sparks whole house water softener plant

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