Urban Borewell water problems

A borewell water that was producing water problems common with urban borewells, was treated using a single dose of BioSanitizer Ecochips costing Rs. 40,000. Tiny compact Ecochips were dropped to settle at the bottom of the borewell. Bio Sanitizer Ecochips operate best from the bottom of the borewell because the active oxygen generated from the bottom rises through the water column and cleans the water at speed of the pump that may run 24×7.

The results are given below. People have been using a single dose for 10 years at steady pollution loads. The improvement in pH without using any alkaline chemicals,  is a remarkable act ideally water with an alkaling pH. But some people produce alkaline water by adding soda bi carb. This loads kidneys with extra sodium. Most of health problems start after both kidneys get overload. Hence reduction of electrical conductivity should be ensured, but without losing useful minerals such as Ca, Mg, K, etc.BioSanitizer Ecochips give us the best minerals balance following time-tested laws of Nature.