RO UV UF Water Treatment System

Drinking Safe and Pure Water Makes you healthier and it also suppresses your appetite.

It is very important to choose the right water purifier as there are a lot of harmful particles like bacteria, lead, synthetic chemicals, and pesticides in both the well water and the metro water supply. Reverse Osmosis Purifier (RO), Ultraviolet Rays Purifier (UV), and Ultrafiltration (UF) are the three most important methods of purification technologies that are used in India and all over the world. Water sparks ro+uv+uf water treatment system kills the virus, bacteria, and waterborne disease.

Benefits of the WaterSparks Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System

Our High Efficiency Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System brings you:

RO UV UF Water Treatemnt Plants

How RO Water Purifier Work:

The Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System or RO Water Filter Requires electricity to operate, and it can remove the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)that are present in the Water.

RO water purification is also a priority if you want to purify dirty water, and purification removes all viruses and germs, but electricity is needed to increase tap water pressure.

Reverse Osmosis requires a lot of water, if you input 3 Litres of Water into an RO Purifier, you will get 1 Litre of Pure Water and 2 Litres of Dirty Water.

There are a lot of RO Water Purifiers available online, but a good RO filter is capable of not only removing the bad salts and hard metals but also retaining the natural minerals in the water.

How UV Water Purifier Work:

The UV water purifier requires electricity to work, but no additional power is required to increase the tap water pressure. It can work with normal pipe pressure.
The UV Water Purification system can kill all the germs, bacteria, and viruses present in the water but the dead bacteria will remain in the water.
UV has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective method of water purification. UV water purifier technology is chemical free, and it does not change the taste and the color of the water.
The UV water systems are compact and can be easily maintained.

How UF Water Purifier Work:

The Ultrafiltration, which is termed a UF Water Purifier, is another water purification system that works without electricity and completely kills and removes all the Bacteria, Viruses, and other microorganisms from the water.
Unlike the UV Water Purifier, the UF water purifier removes all the germs and dead bacteria from the water after killing them.
The UF Water purifier doesn’t require electricity since it doesn’t require tap water pressure and works well with the regular pipe water pressure.
The only lag about the UF water purifier is that it will not remove the dissolved solids in the water. So, you can use the UF water purifier only when you are sure about the level of the dissolved solids in the water.

Our RO water system removes the following types of impurities:

The water is allowed to settle, and is then followed by filtration to remove any suspended floc. In some cases the water must be gently stirred or agitated in order for the floc to form. A very effective method to remove turbidity is with reverse osmosis (“RO”) or ultrafiltration (“UF”) membrane systems.


Colloidal and particulate fouling is one of the most common maintenance struggles for RO water systems, along with biofouling and metal fouling. This type of fouling occurs when particles in the raw water column deposit on the inside of pipes, membranes, and tanks, leading to clogging and other damage to the system.

Total dissolved solids (TDS) refers to any compounds left with in the water after normal usage treatment and filtration. Particles area units are filtered through a fine filter, typically to 0.45 microns, to remove the suspended solids. What remains in the water after filtration are typically charged atoms or molecules called ions. Usually these are ions such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, although some organic salts may be present as well. Although water softeners are a common way to remove some TDS, reverse osmosis is be a rather more effective methodology of removing TDS from beverage.

Lead is may be presented bluish-gray metal found in small particle amounts on the earth’s outer layer. Lead can be found in all together of our environment. Much of it comes from human activities including burning fossil fuels, mining, and manufacturing.consider water treatment methods such as reverse osmosis, distillation, and carbon filters specially designed to remove lead. Typically these methods are used to treat water at only one faucet.

You can remove the arsenic from your water by using a water cooler with reverse osmosis in-bulit, a process that forces water through a semi-permeable membrane under pressure that will leave contaminants behind and dispense more pure and healthy drinking water.

Bacteria and another usage of microorganisms are removed from water through disinfection. This means that certain substances are added to kill the bacteria, these are called biocides. Sometimes disinfection can also be done with UV light.

Asbestos in drinking-water may come from a variety of sources including asbestos-cement water pipes and roofing in to material. Asbestos fibres that may be found in drinking water are not considered to be hazardous to human health.

Use an activated carbon filter for drinking water. Activated carbon is a special filter media that removes all the chlorine, chloramines, and organic compounds from water,I And then nstall a reverse osmosis filter in your home.

A number of treatment methods that are available to remove radium from water. Ion exchange, lime softening, and reverse osmosis(ro) are the most common and can remove up to 90% of radium present.

One of the best ways to remove 97-99% of all pesticides, insecticides and herbicides from drinking water is with a reverse osmosis or granulated activated carbon system.

Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration. Reverse osmosis is a process to remove low molecular weight solutes, e.g., microorganism salts, or small organic molecules (glucose for example) from a solvent, typically water.



Chemical-Free Filtration

Filters disinfect water without chlorine or other harsh chemicals.

Versatile Design

Easily compatible with other water treatment systems.

Custom Systems

Available in a variety of packages to meet your water UV filtration needs.

Discover why the water in your Home could contain bacteria or other contaminants, and learn how WaterSparks can help. We are your local water purifier and we design and install the perfect RO + UV + UF water filtration system for you. Call: 9884366644.

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