RO plant manufacturers in Chennai

RO Plant in Chennai

Water Sparks is a one of the leading RO plant manufacturer Chennai. We manufacture RO plants for homes, apartments, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, Colleges, etc. We have 20+ years of experience in RO Plants. We manufacture RO plants for commercial and industrial purposes at the best prices. Our RO plants are compact in size and we are the only one providing a commercial RO plant in this compact size.

Iron Removal Plant Chennai

Iron Removal Plant

Water Sparks is one of the iron removal plant manufacturers in Chennai. Our Highly efficient iron removal plant in Chennai reduces iron to give crystal-clear water. Water Sparks Iron Removal Plant Chennai is available with both manual and automatic systems. Our Iron removal plant uses High-quality filter media and is made in super-quality FRP vessels.

water softener plant chennai

Water Softener in Chennai

Whole house water softener plant in Chennai. We offer the best water softener plant in Chennai for homes, apartments, hospitals, schools, and industrial places.

Whole House Water Softener

Water Sparks Whole house Water Softener Chennai is a fully automatic system. Whole house water softener chennai to remove hard water minerals of calcium and magnesium ions from the borewell water and provides clear soft water into the whole house. Our Whole house water softener Chennai works regeneration process way to solve the hardness water.