Membrane Preserving Cartridges

Membrane Preserving Cartridges

The interior of a spiral membrane element is dark, moist and therefore an excellent breeding ground for microorganisms. Up to 40% flux loss can occur from biological fouling in elements and modules that have been used then stored on the shelf or in non-operating units for long periods. To prevent biological growth, it is recommended that systems and membranes preserved during storage, shipping, or system shutdowns.

AMI’s membrane and system preserving cartridges are loaded with a pre-measured amount of our proprietary membrane preservative AM-88 to preserve system and membranes in-place for extended periods of system shut-down. Simply exchange the pre-filter cartridge in your system with a preservative cartridge and run the system to flush the chemical into the membranes and system lines to prepare the system for shutdown.

Membrane Preserving Cartridges Benefits

  • Preserve membrane and system before shut-down to protect from biological fouling.
  • Pre-loaded cartridges allow for fast and easy introduction of the preservative into the membranes and system without removing the elements.

Membrane Preserving Cartridges Product Details and Ordering Information

Model Number


For Filter
 Housing Size

# of 4×40 Membranes Preserved per Ctg.


Membrane Preservative  (AM-88)

10” Standard

1 to 2


Membrane Preservative  (AM-88)

20” Standard

2 to 4


Membrane Preservative  (AM-88)

10” Big Blue

2 to 4


Membrane Preservative  (AM-88)

20” Big Blue

4 to 8

Membrane Preserving Cartridges Features

  • Blended in our ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facilities
  • Backed by our Experienced Technical Support Staff
  • High Quality for Consistent and Reliable Performance
  • Over 30 Years of Experience is Reflected in our Quality

Membrane Preserving Cartridges Applications

  • Membrane Preservation
  • RO System Preservation
  • Membrane Disinfection
  • RO System Disinfection