Flocon 190 Antiscalant for RO Systems

Flocon 190 Antiscalant for RO Systems

Flocon® Antiscalant water additives, used as pretreatment for Reverse Osmosis systems, are highly effective in preventing membrane scaling. Flocon 190 is a solution of an organic phosphonate. Flocon 190 is highly effective in controlling the deposition of inorganic scale forming salts on membrane surfaces.

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Benefits of Flocon 190 Antiscalant

  • Prolonged membrane life by prevention of scale build-up.
  • More cost effective and space efficient than water softeners.
  • No regeneration is required: no water being flushed to drain; no down time.

Flocon 190 Antiscalant Ordering Information

Model Number

Container Size


55 lb (25 Liters, 6.6 Gallons)


475 lb (197.5L, 52 Gallons)

Flocon Antiscalants for RO Systems Selection Guide

Features of Flocon 190 Antiscalant

  • Excellent control of carbonate and sulphate scales for cost effective operation  
  • Will not adversely interact with polymeric coagulant aids
  • Compatible with all major membranes 
  • International potable water approvals

Applications for Flocon 190 Antiscalant

  • Commercial Membrane Systems
  • Brackish Water Systems
  • Sea Water Systems
  • Waste Water Systems
  • High Recovery Systems
  • Scale Inhibitor