Desalination Plants Chennai

Desalination Plants Chennai

Is your business finding out a provider of top quality Desalination RO Plant for Drinking. WaterSparks is the leading Desalination RO Water Drinking System instrumentality manufacturer, specialised in providing Brackish Ro Water Plant, Solar High-Powered Brackish Ro System, Land Based Desalination System, Containerised RO System and We also Provides best Desalination plants chennai and Tamil Nadu

If you work with us , we provide several extra convenient services. WaterSparks will prepare everything to your specifications, all to be delivered timely and faithfully, you can also have professional after service term, and one full year pledge time. .


Brackish RO Water System

To guarantee our customers get the most extreme quality in brackish ro water system, WaterSparks Brackish Water Series ro plant utilizes just the best parts and components,We keep up extraordinary expert working with many best sellers in Desalination water treatment industry,Brackish water reverse osmosis system invert assimilation framework are perfect in municipal,commercial and mechanical settings,All of our hardware are built and frantic by our own generation team.

Solar Powered Brackish RO Water System

WaterSparks has recently developed its latest solar powered brackish ro water system, to come up with fresh water/ potable water from the ocean / underground, steam-powered by solar energy. It's the forefront breakthrough in combining PV (photo-voltaic) and SWRO technology. To solve the matter of water shortage, some islands implement the long-distance water diversion project, that is actually effective however cannot essentially solve the matter.



Containerized RO Water Plant

WaterSparks containerized brackish ro plant take the technology by referred to as reverse osmosis, Ro are the future in membrane brackish water treatment system, Capable of manufacturing up to 200 T/D fresh water from single forty container with in built pre-treatment and membrane cleanup. Take the advantage of Ro plant high rejection of metals,minerals and chemical contaminants, containerized water treatment instrumentation build it convenience to converted brackish water to potable water anyplace within the world with a high recovery rate.

Seawater Reverse Osmosis System

The SeaWater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalintion device is ro membrane is able to concerting seawater with TDS < 40000mg/l into fresh water with < 800 mg/l, which may be implemented for domestic used. In RO,an applied pressure is used to triumph over osmotic strain. Reverse osmosis can eliminate many varieties of molecules and ions from solutions, including TDS & bacteria organism.


RO Membranes

Suitable for all Domestic RO purifiers , With water TDS (Total Dissolved Salts @ not more than 2000ppm (PPM – Parts per Million) Note – Different brands have different TDS limits but all membranes listed below will have same flow rate of 12 – 15 LPH ( Litres per hour) .