Corona Disinfection Tunnels

Corona Disinfection Tunnels

We are Manufacturers of Corona Disinfection Tunnels , Corona Fumigation Systems. Automatic Disinfection Tunnels with Photo/ Motion sensing , Latest Technology Adopted , Excellent Quality, Promising Prices.

Walk in Dis-infection Chamber with Hand Sanitizer

Water Sparks a leading brand in Chennai in the field of Water Solutions has developed all Unique Dis-infection Tunnel with 2 Variants - Walk in Dis-infection Tunnel with Hand Sanitizer which has a length of 5 Metres which can be installed in Entrance of Malls, Theatres, Hospitals, Factories etc.

Water Sparks uses a unique technology where approved Dis-infectant is mixed with perfect proportion of water as per norms and is pressurized upto 25 Bar where the water passes through a nozzle of tiny orifice size of 0.2 Microns where the water particles are atomized forming mist or fog so when the person who walks in the walkaway does not get wet and more over the nozzles are placed in such a way that every metre you move in the tunnel the nozzle position covers the entire body, Eg: in the end the nozzles are kept for the foot and legs and finally the person walks out of the tunnel.

In Variant 2 - Step in Dis- infection Tunnel with Hand Sanitizer which has a length of Just a metre which can be installed in Entrance of Office, Shops, Small Factories etc , here the person needs to just Step in the Tunnel and wait for 7 Seconds instead of walking and then move out of the tunnel.

Apart from the Hand Sanitizer which is provided as mandatory in the Entrance of tunnel UV Sterilizer Tray where Mobiles, Wallets and Handbags can be placed and Dis- infected under powerful UV Light which kills any micro pathogens placed under the UV Light. Here the Mobiles, Wallets, handbags are placed in a moving belt under the UV Sterilizer - This can be purchased at additional cost.

Step in Dis-infection Chamber with Hand Sanitizer

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