Brackish RO Water System


To guarantee our customers get the most extreme quality in brackish ro water system, WaterSparks Brackish Water Series RO plant utilizes just the best parts and components.

We keep up extraordinary expert working with many top vendors in Brackish ro water treatment industry, in case the customer have particular requirement of brands or materials. our brackish ro water system are ideal in municipal, business and commercial settings, All of our equipment are engineered and made by our very own production group, our professional knowledgeable engineers and staff are usually equipped to help and offer records to reply customer’s questions. And you could completely skilled the functionalities as well as the maintenance necessary for the different parts, contact us and permit us to figure out any brackish water desalination troubles you might have.


High Quality Brackish RO Water Plants.


  • Compact frame, huge volume manufacturing.
  • Available with primary, semi-computerized and automatic controller alternatives.
  • Medium or large size equipment, optimizing configuration of energy recovery device according to client’s requirement.
  • Automated pressure regulating system, intuitive,Full -colour liquid crystal display touch display screen interface.
  • With one touch, the machine will start and finish water manufacturing automatically.
  • The HP pump is water lubricated, corrosion resistant super duplex ), and absolutely removes membrane fouling due to oil leaks.
  • This revolutionary HP pump affords regular float regardless of variations in pressure at the same time as delivering a total performance of up to 97%.
  • Low protection radial axial pump does no longer require oil change, make bigger the pre-filters’ life, 8000 hours lengthy period operation.
  • Low pressure elements adopt anti-corrosion UPVC pipelines and long-term unique security sensors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brackish water is any form of water with a total dissolved solids (TDS) level within the range of 1,000 to f 15,000 ppm.The substantial majority of the world’s water is either brackish or saltwater.Only 3 percent of the earth’s water is classified as freshwater – most water sources have a high salinity, too excessive for people to drink or for industrial use.