Soft Water vs Hard Water:

Soft Water vs Hard Water:

Soft water and hard water are the two types of water that we are using for drinking and other purposes.

According to the India's Geological Survey, hard water exists in over 85% of the India.

What’s the difference? How does it affect you? Here’s everything you should know about the hard and soft water.

Hard water:

Excessive presence of magnesium and calcium in water called hard water. These two minerals are naturally present in water. The higher the minerals, the higher the rank on hard water scale.

Both of the minerals are essential to overall body health but it can cause effects on your personal hygiene if your water has higher rating on hard water scale.

Hard water effects on personal hygiene:

dry skin, brittle hair

Calcium and magnesium are not essential for water usage such as bathing, washing clothes, cleaning utilities, etc. when hard water used for cleaning purposes, it may leave a spots or a small layer of residue on your clothing, dishes or shower. You may also find small particles inside you appliances such as washing machine or dish washer.

Calcium deposits at the bottom of your appliances when the hard water heated and it can affects the efficiency of your appliances.

Example: coffee machine

Be Hard as Ice, Soft as Water and Vapour to moist Someone's Life. They are all one Matter, Just Change in State - Slacky

Soft water:

Water that does not contain significant amount of dissolved minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium etc are called soft water. Unlike hard water, soft water does not affect your body health and very gentle when used for cleaning purposes.

Soft water prevents calcium deposits in pipes and home appliances also increased the effectiveness of soap compared to hard water. In regard to personal hygiene, soft waters can combat dry skin and brittle hair. It helps to achieve softer skin and silky hair.

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