Importance Of Water In your Daily Life

Importance of water in our life

We all know the famous quote water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink’ from the famous poem ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ by Coleridge. Though nearly 71% of Earth is composed of water bodies yet all these water sources are not portable and cannot be used directly by the living beings.
Water is a renewable resource that keeps replenishing from time to time but the rate at which it is being used by humans is alarming and at times it is much faster than the rate at which it is replenishing. Humans are not only using water for their day to day needs but they don’t care for conserving this precious liquid and literally humans waste much of the valuable life-supporting liquid. Such a careless/thoughtless use of water which results in its wastage might pose a threat to the life on Earth. Now let us have a look into the uses of water and how man is using water to fulfil his daily requirement of water.
Uses of water, In fact, water is required for almost every activity in our day to day life. The body of all the living organisms is composed of water and it is this wonderful liquid which helps in the sustenance of life in the organisms. In fact, the cytoplasm of each and everyone is composed of water. All the important life processes like digestion, excretion, reproduction, respiration etc are smoothly performed because of the presence of water in the cells. Besides the vital life processes that take place within the body, we use water for almost all activities in our daily life including our basic needs. Some of the prominent uses of water include:
Nearly 71% of the human’s body weight constitutes water. So we need to drink water on a regular basis to meet the daily requirement of our body. When the body does not get the required quantity of water, this results in a serious condition called dehydration which might be fatal at times. This proves the importance of water in sustaining life. During such a condition, the patient is immediately given with a rehydration solution called ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) as a life-saver. Besides drinking water for the smooth and proper functioning of various internal organs of the body, man mainly uses water for agriculture and irrigation of fields. As it is evident that man mainly depends on plants for food, he needs to grow plants to meet his food requirement.As man depends on plants and animals for his food requirement, he got to know the ways of making the available food softer and tastier to eat through cooking. And for this activity, he extensively uses water. So, water is required for cooking food as well. Conservation of water or water usage is going beyond limits and in addition to the overuse of potable water, a sufficiently good quantity of water is going waste due to the thoughtless activity of man. The world population is increasing at high speed so also the water usage of the man too is increasing at a much faster pace. Hence it is extremely important on our part to take the necessary measures to curb the crisis and protect the water resources on Earth.Above all, the water cycle in nature is getting affected due to all these increased activities of humans which in turn is resulting in a global climatic change.

Why reverse osmosis may not be the best water filter for you.

Reverse osmosis has a reputation as being the ultimate in water purification technology. This often stems from its use in military theatre. Military users may be deployed anywhere in the world and need to be prepared to treat a wide variety of challenging water sources including sea water and/or water contaminated with chemical, biological, radiological, and/or even nuclear contaminants. It is important to note however that while this military grade, mobile reverse osmosis water purification units (ROWPU) do include reverse osmosis membranes, they also include a wide variety of other treatment technologies such as ultraviolet light, activated carbon, pre-filters, post filters and very specialized filter media to fill in the gaps that RO itself does not address.

  1. Reverse osmosis was originally invented as a means of desalinating brackish or seawater sources and should be used as the tool for which it was intended.
  2. Contrary to its reputation, reverse osmosis does not remove 100% of all contaminants and both reduction rates and certifications vary widely depending on the contaminant in question
  3. RO membranes can be damaged and destroyed by the chlorine found in most municipal water supplies and thus require carbon pre-filtration
  4. Reverse osmosis water treatment systems are one of the most complicated types of systems on the market today and require pre-filters, storage tanks, pumps, drain connections and diligent attention to maintenance and testing.
  5. According to the World Health Organization, low TDS or demineralized water produced by reverse osmosis or distillation is not suitable for long-term human consumption and in fact, can create negative health effects to those consuming it.
    Conclusion Water helps in sustaining life on Earth. So it is the basic responsibility of man to take necessary steps to get clean and safe water for a better and healthier living. At the same time, man needs to cut short his water usage and take necessary steps for conserving this precious element so as to make it available for the future generations. Though man has crossed the limits of overusing and polluting the water yet he can make necessary efforts to conserve the precious element to ensure continuity of life on Earth.

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