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Drinking Water

See How Your Whole Home Drinks Water

Your whole home drinks water. From the water you cook with and drink, to the water you bathe in and wash your clothes in — water touches everything in your home. This means it’s important to make sure your water is as safe and clean as it can be.

Clean Water For Everyone In The House

Delicious food deserves to be washed with delicious water...and that's no small thing! Keep your organic foods free of harmful toxins, pharmaceutical residuals and more with a Culligan whole-home system.

What else can a WaterSparks system do for you?
Water for Drinking

Safer, cleaner drinking water may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about water filtration, and rightfully so. The water that runs through your pipes should be free of harmful contaminants and bacteria so your family and pets are not directly at risk. Water filtration systems work to remove these unwanted pollutants that might seep into the water, sometimes through your plumbing. A whole-house water filtration system is a way to make that water cleaner and clearer.

Water is the driver of Nature.

Leonardo da Vinci
Water for Cooking

You also ingest water through what you use to cook food. For instance, that weekly family pasta night calls for a big pot of water, which comes from the same faucet where you get your drinking water. Think one step beyond your direct connection with water to help put the importance of purer and safer water into perspective.

Water For Everything Else Under The Roof
Water for Bathing

Your skin is another way your body “drinks” water, which means the water you drink from the faucet should also be safer water for skin. Hard water, which contains a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium, can cause the most protective layer of your body to dry out or become irritated. A water softener system can work to remove the minerals from your water.

Water for Laundry

Your clothes can also be affected by hard water. Softening hard water can help preserve the clothes you wash for a longer time, keeping them brighter and softer, wash after wash.

Water for Cleaning

Finally, water has uses outside of drinking and bathing. The washing machine soaks the clothes you wear; your dishwasher uses the same water too. Hard water can wear out the items, leave spots on your dishes and film on your shower door. Everyone and everything in the house can be affected by the water running throughout your home.

With this new-found understanding of how your whole home drinks water, you can give your people WaterSparks Water. Contact your local WaterSparks Water Expert if you’d like to improve the quality of water running throughout your house. A whole-home water filter system may be just what you need for everyone and everything that drinks water!